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Can you guess which one is real?  

27 Mar 2004 04:54

and last one...  

27 Mar 2004 04:55
The answer:

Unfortunately they can all be real. Niles are not consistant enough to say which one is definetly fake or real. I have the ones in pic #3. If I were to guess, I would just not take a chance on vials that were different heights. Check out the amp's size difference in two of the pics. This is also one of the biggest reasons that Niles are faked.  

27 Mar 2004 04:57
I Also have the ones in pic #3. All of the oil is the same height except i have 7 250ml vials and two of them are not clear they are more of a yellowish color. Should I be concerned that they are a fake and not take them? Or would a different batch number may be a little different color? Thanks for the help.  

10 Jun 2005 03:53
size of vials isnt important,
numb 3 are real
for example test enant. icn even when you get it in pharmacy usually isnt same size
but its 100% real thing.
i would connect it with old automatized lines for filling(if i spelled correct) of vials.
ps: they should all have same date of expire and batch number  

15 Sep 2005 00:36

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