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I'm going to start conditioning for football this summer. I'm around 270ish, and 6'3. What can I do to increase my sprint speed/stamina.
How much should I run a day?
Should I run before or after I lift?
How can I increase my jump as well, I jump like a pansy.

I am overweight(still pretty athletic even tho I am fat), but I am slowly loosing my fat as I continue to workout(mostly core exercises with some others thrown in there) daily. I have not started cardio yet, but I'm willing to start running tomorrow. I just need to know for how long, what intensity, should I be running with weights, and what other exercises can I do to increase my stamina. It's going to be my senior year and I want to loose 30-50 pounds and join the football team and there will be that slight chance that I may get picked up for a college.

If you need any more information let me know! First post btw! Hi  

19 May 2009 00:07

I say run in the AM before you eat is ideal. If you get sick running on an empty stomach try eating something light like an apple or protein shake and drink some water before you go. 30-45 minutes 5x a week should be good if you want to shed some weight. Just a good jog hitting your target heart rate some where around 130 bpm is good. There are other options for cardio too, like HIIT which works well but I'd start out jogging first. If you don't have time to split your lifting and cardio, I personally prefer running after but either will work to lose weight.

As for explosiveness (sprints jumping ect.) try doing explosive lifts for instance when squating go down slow and power up fast *safe* but fast. Box jumps, dot drills, and HIIT will help too. Strengthen the core and you will be faster too.  

19 May 2009 04:08
Early post before I go to school.
Would you guys prefer running around my neighborhood, or running on the treadmill? Couldn't start running today, but I will start tomorrow asap!  

19 May 2009 13:44
That's up to you. Do what you like better. I get bored out of my mind on a treadmill.  

19 May 2009 16:59
I've been loosing weight pretty quickly so far with just lifting and I think the added running in the morning is going to help alot. How many time's a week should I hit ab excercices? 3 times a week? or everyday of the week?

Also, on the weekend I have a pretty unstable diet and i'm usually partying,drinking,smoking(weed mostly) is this going to counter-act with my training or am I fine?  

22 May 2009 16:31
If you are considering going to college, assuming you are not a collegiate student, then you should propably look into hiring a strength and conditioning coach.  

02 Jun 2009 04:18

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