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How true is this? i have heard rumors of people having only chicken and water for like a week or so. it seems like a bit much. i just want to know if anyone has heard of this or has done it and is it that drastic of a change in body image. i realize that cutting carbohydrates completely loses a massive amount of water weight, is that what this is?  

20 Oct 2008 22:21

Yeah. I followed a diet like that when I was younger. I followed it for about 2 months though. It was the worst fu$&^ng feeling in the world! I was also running about 7 miles 4 to 5 days a week, lifting a bit and working at a restaurant as a food runner. I felt horrible. But I did loose abunch of weight. Both good and bad weight. The muscle I lost came back pretty quick but the joint pain wouldnt go away. I can say it took me a good while to recover from it. I would not recomend a diet like this to anyone. There are far better diets than this. One week though may not be too bad. But two months definitely is.  

21 Oct 2008 07:32
thanks for the input...holy shit two months is a long time how did you stay awake?  

21 Oct 2008 21:03
thats not a good idea  

22 Oct 2008 01:44
I remember my vision was getting blurred, muscles were twitching constantly from head to toe, joint pain, headaches and some fatigue of course. The wierdest thing I felt though was a sensation of water droplets on my skin. I really don't know how else to explain it. It was like someone flicked water with thier fingers at me. sometimes it would be on my arm then chest, legs torso. Wierdest shit. All I know is that I will never do it again. Can't say I only did it once. I did loose gangs of weight like I said but theres better ways.
As for staying awake, I'm cursed with stamina. I'm not a very strong person but can go and go. It didn't kill me but surely it made me stronger!  

22 Oct 2008 07:40
The best way to do something like that is eat carbs before lunch and none after. But I dont advise you to try and go 2 weeks with no carbs! Eat oatmeal dude its good!!!!!!!!!  

23 Oct 2008 01:38
I like the Irish oats. Now I have a banana or sweet potato after I work out and rice before lunch.  

23 Oct 2008 10:19
hey could you guys take a look my diet and give me some input. i am a endomorphic person and need to cut up. i have added cardio to my regimen at least 3 times a week i have also swapped to higher rep training i am seeing some results. however i do know that dieting is the most important part of getting into shape. so here goes.

6 egg whites

2 hours later

turkey sandwich (only mustard meat bread and a tablespoon of mayo)

2 hours later

some bag salad with boiled chicken pieces and olive oil only as dressing

i hate feeling full and i gain weight like it is going out of style  

24 Oct 2008 04:13
Looks good but do this. In the morning add you some oats. Then with the apple and banana I would add a protein shake!  

24 Oct 2008 05:04
I agree with csylft. I would add at least 40 grams of protein with the banana and another 40 grams with the apple. Try to ingest about 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. Do the oats also with the eggs.  

24 Oct 2008 21:32
csyfit......hey bro when i eat like that i feel like i am gaining weight i feel bloated full and lazy i am already big enough and plenty strong i just need to cut down any suggestions from someone who knows a hell of a lot more than me.

julianvada....bro if you have any comments that would be cool too you also sound like you know a lot of shit too.

thanks bros  

25 Oct 2008 02:36
I know exactly what your saying. I used to be under the impression that if i eat carbs and alot of protein I was not loosing any fat. I was like that when younger. I thought that by never being full and being hungry all the time, I was loosing fat. BULL SHIT!!! The fact of the matter was that my body was going nowhere. Once I started adding carbs early in the day and ate more protein I started loosing fat. Follow the diet we gave you. Add those proteins and carbs that CSYLFT told you to add and I guarantee you you'll get closer to your goal. Unless Storm or other very experinced people suggest something different then I would listen to them. Those homeboys know alot more.:thumbs:  

31 Oct 2008 22:46
thats right julianvada  

06 Nov 2008 16:12

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