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I'm about to start taking test 200 mg and deca 200 mg. My plan was to take 1cc of test and deca twice a week. Is that a good plan. What kind of results should I excpect. What else do I need to take after? Please Help! I've been working out for the last 2 years 4-5 days a week. I have seen some nice results but I want more. I start this cycle in 1 week. Is that to much to take? Should I pyramid it, meaning start on low dose and go high and end on low dose? Are the side affects bad?  

14 Aug 2008 06:07

hmmmm, well you're probably not going to get any comments because you sound completely ignorant and didn't do ANY research on what you are about to put into your body. Let me guess, 18-21 yrs old, 160-175lbs, and think you can look like Jay Cutler from 1 cycle. Good luck bro.:banghead:  

15 Aug 2008 01:50
Why am I ignorant? Beacuse I never did a cycle before and I needed some advice as to how to start. I thought the main reason to ask questions, is to get good advice and to help eachother out. I'm brand new to this when in reality you have pics of J Cutler posing naked all over youer room. You truly are a joke! Thanks for nothing dude.  

29 Aug 2008 06:19
First off you need to do some research. Secound you need to post your goals. Third you need to tell us your diet andexercise routine!  

29 Aug 2008 13:24
Let us know buff4life, just like csyfit indicated. It would definitely help. So dont give up on the forum, ask questions...I'm curious as well, also with similar questions that youve asked. There are people on here that are willin to listen n help Im sure.  

03 Sep 2008 06:29

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