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quick NO Xplode question. SORRY!!LOL

I was thinking about buying 2 bottles of no xplode, and just taking 1 scoup before workout

by ttorres   - 9 years ago

gnc xxx mass/ creatine combo?

im 5'9, about 140 pounds. work out 3 times a week. can anyone tell me the best way to use

by ttorres   - 9 years ago


has any one taken this product and wat is ur thought on it

by ttorres   - 9 years ago

help please

i am currently looking for new suppliments as i have only been taking a weight gain protei

by S.W.A.T.   - 9 years ago

Anyone tried Atro-Phex??

We just got Atro-Phex from BSN at the gym i work at... Alot of people say it is AMAZING...

by IronGhost   - 9 years ago

A little advice..

Hi, I need some advice on supplements. Im 20, weigh 12.5 stone, fast metabolism, and do

by son_of_jorel135   - 9 years ago

Superdrol Stacked .....

what would you guys thing of running superdrol,halodrol -50,and orastan-e in an 4 weeks c

by thatoneguy   - 9 years ago

Help about True mass & No-Xplode

What flavour tastes the best??? Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla for True mass?? Orange, L

by S.W.A.T.   - 9 years ago

Ephedra products

Were can I find products with ephedra in it?? Not that gas station crap either??

by son_of_jorel135   - 9 years ago

impact nutrition

does anyone know what happened to impact nutrition??? i used their stuff before, it workrd

by extreme94   - 9 years ago

Creatine on non workout days

When do you take creatine, when you wake up or before you go to sleep???

by OSUBrutus   - 9 years ago

green bulge

i started taking green bulge today, i plan on taking it for 2 months.i notice it has argin

by Morgan   - 9 years ago

serious mass

anyone tried this product?? how is the taste like?? i am thinking of getting this thing.

by S.W.A.T.   - 9 years ago


thinking about taking hardcore with my 100% whey any suggestins? good or bad

by ReMaDe   - 9 years ago

What to mix with?

So i just bought "Magnum BLOW" and I use it along with my Max Gain Protien, but

by Dragan   - 9 years ago

Summa Is Comming !

Hey people summa is comin ova in Australia real soon n im panicking i need some help 4 thi

by canibalistic_js   - 9 years ago

U wanna be sixpack...

My trainer told me about MuscoMax. I have been using it for a month or so now and I alread

by S.W.A.T.   - 9 years ago

Axis HT and Nitrix

Ok i know BSN is a good brand with their famous No-Xplode but can Ntrix be really that goo

by S.W.A.T.   - 9 years ago

animal M stak

Has anyone tried this? I am 6'2" 210 and looking to build more muscle mass. Thanks

by IronGhost   - 9 years ago

Legit online

Hey guys I am from Canada and with the American dollar looking so low it seems a real good

by Pushed2TheLimit   - 9 years ago


is this just topical testosterone? if so what kinda? just straight test? I used a packet t

by illsniggles   - 1 decade ago

what to take

Hey guys I've been working out and been feeling like I have little energy before workouts,

by airforceguy   - 1 decade ago


whats the best legal prohormones

by Morgan   - 1 decade ago

Test Booster

Would it be pointless for an 18 y/o to get on a test booster because of the levels of test

by cosmic-dust   - 1 decade ago

creatine caps/rest

can anyone help me please ive been taking creatine caps for the past month or so i take

by cosmic-dust   - 1 decade ago

Caffeine Pills....

Does anyone of you take them before workout and how many mg???

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

Hydroxy Cut

Does anyone know if this works. And if so what exactly does it do to my body that makes it

by bluntandkronic   - 1 decade ago

Lean mass supps

First of all I'd like to say hi as I have just joined these forums. For the past 6 months

by extreme94   - 1 decade ago

met rx & creatine

just bough a tub of this never had this make before. now theproblem i have is when i mak

by dj spud   - 1 decade ago

Dymatize's Z Force

I bought some not too long ago and I was going to use it for pct, but I've decided to prol

by Hyde   - 1 decade ago


Vyatech's 17HD for anyone around the age of 17???? Tribex any better? Experiences?

by airforceguy   - 1 decade ago

how does protein powder affect

I'm 15 and I regularly take CytoGainer. will this affect my body negatively since I'm so y

by thatoneguy   - 1 decade ago


just bought a tub of body fortress hardcore formula creatine caps on the tub it says take

by dj spud   - 1 decade ago


has anyone used it and if so what do you think about it? the lady at GNC told me that some

by lhcurveball   - 1 decade ago


is natures best ISOPURE worth the money? its $65 for 8.8lbs. i am taking muscle milk but i

by lhcurveball   - 1 decade ago

Boulder meth

Made by Rockhard Formulations. 17a-methyl-1, 4Androstadiene-3, 17-diol. Does anyone have

by lhcurveball   - 1 decade ago

Alternative for No-Xplode?

I have been taking No-Xplode 20 - 30 minutes before my workouts. I feel more jittery more

by bigchuckd   - 1 decade ago

should i be taking anything else?

at the moment im only taking between 2-4 protein shakes a day but some days i forget to t

by dj spud   - 1 decade ago

Havoc+Z Force

I was recommended Havoc today. And I've been wanting to try out a TB and then follow up wi

by Hyde   - 1 decade ago

methyl-drol vs. superdrol vs methyl vol

what the difference are they all the same?

by p9d6   - 1 decade ago

17hd viraloid

I Am Considering Trying 17hd Stacked With Viraloid. Has Anyone Tried These? Do They Work?

by slanginweight   - 1 decade ago

Heat - By magnum.....Fat burners

Has anyone every been on these before and if so are they good do they work fast and are th

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

Tationil Injectable glutathione


by Dex   - 1 decade ago

How To Take Supplements Correctly? Please Help!

I need some help on how to spread out my supplements. I currently take BSN NO Explode, BS

by barnard.82   - 1 decade ago

17hd and viraloid

how is viraloid and 17 hd and what type of supplement is it?

by esen71   - 1 decade ago

creatine with glutamine

i heard you shouldnt take creatine at the same time as glutamine,is this true?its much eas

by esen71   - 1 decade ago

Please help with supplements

I am about to start taking BSN Cellmass and NO-Xxplode with Optimum Nutrition "Gold S

by airforceguy   - 1 decade ago

cla question

anyone here use it? I was told that it helps to raise metabolism. just curious if it is wo

by Morgan   - 1 decade ago

MRI's NO2...

Regualar NO@ or NO2 Black? What's the difference and which one is better? Are they w

by extreme94   - 1 decade ago

Warning: bad online purchasing experience

I just wanted to tell everyone that I just had the worst shopping experience at Planetary

by canibalistic_js   - 1 decade ago

testosterone boosters?

my friend told me i should probably be takin these. dont know what they are? do they have

by slanginweight   - 1 decade ago

Should I Take Creatine? Need Help Fast!

Thanks for the help.

by cosmic-dust   - 1 decade ago

I'm Back

Hey guys, I''ve been real busy pulling my life together over the last few months, and have

by estray   - 1 decade ago


They are selling this HGH stuff down where I am. And I wanted to know if anybody had taken

by Hyde   - 1 decade ago

stop snacking

the past month my appetite as got out of control i eat my normal meals but i cant stop sn

by dj spud   - 1 decade ago

Whey Alternative

hey, ive tryed whey protein powder and bars but im allergic to the there another

by 12seckelso   - 1 decade ago

Two Questions...

1) How long would I have to be off of creatine to do a 'reloading stage'? Because I've mis

by cwshorns   - 1 decade ago

creatine before or after with these other supps?

im taking BCAA's with grape juice immediately after workout, 5g glutamine in my protein sh

by president_fad   - 1 decade ago

quick question

1) can you drink 5 g creatine in grape juice (or just water with sugar) and take a serving

by Dex   - 1 decade ago

Any good Pro-hormones? or Legal

I need a good pro-hormone! Anyone know of where you can get Methyl-1 Alpha? I love that st

by Dex   - 1 decade ago

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