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hey just wanted some info or maybe a site where i can go get info on tren? what r some opi

by jcvaughn26   - 9 years ago

quitting smoking

yeah so what another drunkn post by me,,,,,only on weekends mind u!..anyway going on the c

by bignready   - 9 years ago

Apple cider vinegar

I drink a shot of brags organic apple cider vinegar every morning. Anyone else?

by csyflt   - 9 years ago

weekly drunk

Pissed again sure...who gives a ****. i was showering and i went and lathered my chest

by Morgan   - 9 years ago

Good Smith machine?

Does anyone know a good cheap smith machine? All i really want is the bar to spot me while

by j.cavo   - 9 years ago

Happy Bday Turdburglars

You know who you are.

by lil bit   - 9 years ago


i have attempted to train a few people here and there who asked for my help.but they all w

by bignready   - 9 years ago

Pretty cool internet radio

by canibalistic_js   - 9 years ago

Anyone know this Bible Verse?????

i was thinking about getting a tattoo and on it i wanted to put this quote from the bible,

by theScot   - 9 years ago

Holy Moley

After years spent tanning to compensate for my laziness ("Gee, if I look tan I'll loo

by theScot   - 9 years ago

What Up

whats up all? long time no see. Ive been hard at work.

by AMERFOOTBALL   - 9 years ago

Australian Open Tennis

Australian Open tennis saw a ugly side last Tuesday that being of police using heavy hande

by MegaA   - 9 years ago

I am new and love Witch Hazel

You guys use witch hazel in yhour PWO routine?

by canibalistic_js   - 9 years ago

pre workout fuel

I was just wondering what everyones favorite preworkout energy is. I would like to try som

by Dex2   - 9 years ago

I have been kicked off more boards then I can count....

:thumbs:I appreicate you guys not doing this to me.

by JoeGraft   - 9 years ago

HOw much ?

How much has doing wieghts helped you with the ladies? How much of a roll do you think a

by elmariachi   - 9 years ago

Whats up Beaches!

whats happenin everyone? been a while since ive been here or anywhere whats been going on?

by A.B   - 9 years ago

How cool are you?

here is a test that will determine just how cool you really are, you all should pass with

by theScot   - 9 years ago

Hello everyone, New to the Forums.

Hello everyone. I started working out just over four months ago. My starting stats were

by JoeGraft   - 9 years ago

Good pumpup workout music

how's it goin everyone.... i HAVE to listen to music while i'm working out or my workouts

by tacoma_D   - 9 years ago


present... how was everyones christmas!? Im up 8 lbs but i dont mind whatsoever... where i

by Stricken   - 9 years ago

these forums are snail slow

there are so many people constantly viewing and relativley no one posting or asking questi

by csyflt   - 9 years ago

Things that make ya go hmmmm

I was wondering something today... Yknow how gas pumps have a sensor that keeps them from

by Enickma   - 9 years ago


I know that its not really an effective bodybuilding exercise, but I was thinking of takin

by John H   - 9 years ago


Iwas wondering ebryones opinion of the bowflex. i was going to add it in with my workouts.

by S.W.A.T.   - 9 years ago

Coach Hines

Man I have not laughed this hard in a loong time..

by bluntandkronic   - 9 years ago

wtf is this guy real??? is he real or fake? he is def

by John H   - 9 years ago

Things that are unenjoyable...

I think I will start a thread of things that are unenjoyable in life. First: Being cold,

by bearman1   - 9 years ago

Training Equipment

hey Everyone, Just wondering how many people out there Use Titan Support systems for squa

by Smallguy   - 9 years ago

Need input

I am thinking about using insulin called Humulin R. IT's cheap and needs no script and rea

by csyflt   - 9 years ago

Need Ideas plz

So far the only women I'm good at attracting in my 18 years of livin is the horny lets ***

by stewart   - 9 years ago


you belong in a zoo.

by canibalistic_js   - 9 years ago

What did you get you significant other for Christmas this year?

I'll start. Got the wife some 1500TC king size bed sheets and new OU house slippers. Yeah

by bigger_better   - 9 years ago

Merry Christmas!

From all the lovely staff we have here at Wishing you all a very merry chris

by theScot   - 9 years ago

Off for the holidays!! kiss my ass boss!

I'm off for 2 weeks as of this morning...don't have to see my supervisors peice of shit, l

by bignready   - 9 years ago

What's your favourite insulting name?

Kind of started through a different thread aye cani?,,:laughing: anyway namecalling can be

by bigtimestud   - 9 years ago

Diet pill/rebound weight gain question

Alright, I have too much free time, and I've been thinking about something. I know that o

by csyflt   - 9 years ago

Meery christmas everyone!

from my family to yours! hope you meet all your new year goals!...mines 215lbs as lean as

by lil bit   - 9 years ago

I think I am going to lose like 20lbs

So I was thinking about laying off the gear until I'm done with Law school and losing like

by csyflt   - 9 years ago

Need advice

Something special and exciting for my wife for New Years. Any ideas?

by bearman1   - 9 years ago

damn weather

well i hope no one else on here lives in oklahoma! first i was without power for 3 days (b

by bigger_better   - 9 years ago

Holiday question...

Quickest way to drop body fat after the holidays???

by bigger_better   - 9 years ago

Uh-oh, Canni!!

I found out why you haven't received anything from Santa lately...shame on you for sending

by canibalistic_js   - 9 years ago

What magazines do you like

I kinda like muscle and fitness. Aside from all the ads its a really good magazine. What o

by IronSlayer   - 9 years ago

As of yesterday...

I have finished my Christmas shopping!!! :clap: Anyone else? Or at least started yet?

by FUZO   - 9 years ago

Holy protien!

Is just curious how much does everyone here weigh? and since for a person to grow it's 2g

by FUZO   - 9 years ago


fuk your an idiot who likes diddling little boys

by hutoikopun   - 9 years ago

In search of

Hi, new to this site been lifting for about 15 yrs about 8 seriously. I am 36 y/o 5'8"

by bearman1   - 9 years ago


Yay for standardized testing! That means Im going to be away from the computer in this nic

by bigger_better   - 9 years ago

Hi guys...its me DEX

so i forgot my password and made a new account. yippy! missed you guys :) Storm or A

by bigger_better   - 9 years ago


Aren't you supposed to be working??

by bigger_better   - 9 years ago

some stupid things i heard

do you ever get sick of the idiotic things the fat unfit population throws at ya? and they

by Nmcdeano7   - 9 years ago

60GB iPod Video

me like pee pee in my mouth

by regino007   - 9 years ago

Road Trip!!!

Going to Wilmington, NC this weekend for a housewarming party. Anyone else doing anything

by bearman1   - 9 years ago

Hi All

Hi im new to this site, but I decided to join to get back into shape. i had been a body bu

by csyflt   - 9 years ago

Something about this time of year...

I swear, as soon as it starts getting close to Christmas, the women around me seem to morp

by bigger_better   - 9 years ago

Has anyone been accepted to do the Arnold as an Ameteur

Has anyone been accepted to do the Arnold as an Ameteur If so post your pics and st

by roeperson   - 9 years ago


Im 5'6 and i weigh 165lbs and I would like to loose abot 30 35lbs and i dont know where to

by A.B   - 9 years ago

Steroid Junkies

I know someone who is doing a study from the prestigious Columbia University. He is doing

by canibalistic_js   - 9 years ago

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