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Protein Bars

I got this off another forum pretty good recipe for protein bars and saves money. Just tho

by Mexican Stallion   - 9 years ago


What are some good foods to snack on, and what are some foods that i should avoid.

by estray   - 9 years ago

Great Shake

ok so Ive stared working out first thing in he morning - only like 25 mins of hard cardio

by DMH56308   - 9 years ago

Gallon Of Milk?

I recently have been trying to drink a gallon of milk a day. 2 % Milk that is, but I am ju

by estray   - 9 years ago

need help gaining weight need a meal plan

iam 135lbs 5 '10 i need a meal plan i been trying to make up a plan but i dont know how

by A.B   - 9 years ago

White Tuna....

Is there anything wrong with eating white tuna????

by A.B   - 9 years ago

Question about diet

I am currently trying to lose weight and yet still keep and build some muscle. My diet is

by nikos72   - 9 years ago

The best diet!

I went to the shops tody and got: tuna (in oil - salty tastes gross) chicken breasts

by Stricken   - 9 years ago


guys n girlz I HAVE to tell you that nutrition is so damn important - YEah you hear it

by Stricken   - 9 years ago

Change meals

Well in my diet I take a midmorning snack(cottagge cheese and pineapple)and after workout

by slowgain   - 9 years ago

Protein intake

I weigh about 160lbs and im just wondering how much protein i should be getting in daily..

by airforceguy   - 9 years ago

The best diet!


by Thundercat   - 9 years ago

what's wrong with flavored quaker oatmeal

hey guys what is wrong with eating the flavored quaker oatmeal packets with egg whites?

by agent513   - 9 years ago

Slow gainer

Hi guys! Well I was wondering if someone could tell me how to gain some mass, because I

by extreme94   - 9 years ago

Weight Gainer 2200

hey i got a question about this weight gainer 2200 and whether its worth it to get it. bec

by Morgan   - 9 years ago

Inexpensive Protein

I used to buy 15.9 lb bags of protein from for like $65 after shipping, but

by president_fad   - 9 years ago

cutting diet?

For my cutting diet should I focus my diet around eating lots of low fat meats, wheat brea

by Morgan   - 9 years ago

What's healthier for a side of egg whites?

Hey guys I am not a big oatmeal fan but if I have to I will . I was eating my eggs with a

by Mexican Stallion   - 9 years ago

Protein,carbs,calories oh my!

Hi all. I've been lurking for a while. I've read a lot of posts and there's a lot of decen

by Figured Out   - 9 years ago

Brown Rice Help

Hey guys I hate eating my brown rice plain, si I decided to boil it with some hunts tomato

by Mexican Stallion   - 9 years ago

Sample Diet for a Nub, (help needed)

I'm 20 yrs old, 6'1, 270 lbs. My goal is losing 50 lbs of fat, but adding it back in th

by martin2uk   - 9 years ago

Gaining Weight

I Have been taking a new protien powder called Cyto Gainer wich is 100% whey protien, 54g

by Conan Stevens   - 9 years ago

how much protein can you take in at a time?

a friend of mine is taking some nutrition class and he said that they learned that you can

by Conan Stevens   - 9 years ago

Post (intense) cardio nutrition help

Im currently in a firefighting fitness class at my local community college, im 18, ex high

by kaspartan88   - 9 years ago

what do u think

ok I really need Help here guys. I am 23 just started to get in shape and want to burn bo

by Mexican Stallion   - 9 years ago

Low carb diet....

I am going on a low carb diet for awhile but I'm not sure how low to go...I weigh 260 and

by p_man   - 1 decade ago

Putting it all together?

Age: 32 Height: 5'10" Weight: 190 training experience: somewhat Goals: To lo

by Trance92071   - 1 decade ago

Questions about my weight loss routine.

Hey guys, haven't been on here in awhile so how ya'll been? I discontinued gear for now

by estray   - 1 decade ago

Heat by magnum fat burners

Has anyone every been on these before and if so are they good do they work fast and are th

by jau27tyk   - 1 decade ago

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by Morgan   - 1 decade ago

To storm or anybody else

Storn I thought I would ask you as you seem pretty well knowledged on nutrition and bodybu

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

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by loopie   - 1 decade ago

acne from protein?

Recently I drank all my muscle juice so i went and get cyto gainer from GNC. But anyways I

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

cooking or barbacue kills vitamins and protein?

when u put the meat on fire or cook it does it kill some vitamins and proteins? for an exa

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

Drugstore Products for Free AR

Great idea - always good to save money on this type of daily use stuff http://www.yesi

by rafton23   - 1 decade ago

Lost 35lb in 4mon

Just lettin you guys know that i've lost 35lb in the past four months by just eating right

by Trance92071   - 1 decade ago

God I Hate Being a Newb...

I know I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but are Lean Cuisines okay to havein my

by president_fad   - 1 decade ago

mini bulk/ mini cut....

it seems everyone is in disagreement about gaining muscle while losing fat.... I am curiou

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

losing fat but gaining weight

Im 17 years old 175lbs 6'0ft tall. i go to the gym to lift weights for 1 hour 6 days a wee

by musclebeach   - 1 decade ago

easter is over,thank god

over easter,ive ate a lot of chocolate, but my weight stayed the same(224 lbs) now im gla

by musclebeach   - 1 decade ago

need help

guys I need some one to calculating for me my total carb intake of the day meal are as f

by musclebeach   - 1 decade ago

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by musclebeach   - 1 decade ago

fat when bulking

whenever I bulk I always get a nice amount of fat only around my stomach. Does this mean

by musclebeach   - 1 decade ago

Jamaican Needs Advice


by musclebeach   - 1 decade ago

hey guys i need some help

Ok I am 22 years old 6'2" and I weigh 390 I do not know my bf% and am afraid to get i

by musclebeach   - 1 decade ago

Try this i did and i love vitamin i've found!!!

Hi guys, I'm very particular about what I recommend with regard to nutritional supplementa

by crazymuscle   - 1 decade ago

anyone have this program?

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle By Tom venuto Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle, The #1 best-

by JDIESEL   - 1 decade ago

beef jerky

does anyone else eat the s*** out of beef jerkey?? it seems like a good snack. i am just c

by DMH56308   - 1 decade ago


your dieting and trying to lose that fat, but the weekend approaches and you can't resist

by vendettarev   - 1 decade ago

The Lifestyle Approach to a Lean, Muscular Physique

The Lifestyle Approach to a Lean, Muscular Physique ----------------------------------

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago


Does anyone know anything about ALR's Bad Ass Mass??? Please Help

by HuriKane   - 1 decade ago

Shake after cardio?

After doing a cardio workout such as abs and then a rowing machine is it wise to take a pr

by Storm   - 1 decade ago

bsn true mass

what do u guys think of true mass by bsn?

by HuriKane   - 1 decade ago

Whey Protein Science 101

Heya guys. I've just joined today and have had a great time reading through the forums. I'

by Zoolander   - 1 decade ago

how much carbs, protein and calories should I be taking in a day?

I want mass. Im 160lbs right now, just wondering what i should be taking in. what are som

by Matt Daniels   - 1 decade ago

Performance Gain is Key

I’ve been reading a lot about Bodybuilding supplement products as well as vyotech. I hav

by Morgan   - 1 decade ago

Nutrition Guide

Does anybody know where i can find a nutrition guide

by cosmic-dust   - 1 decade ago


So i recently started a diet plan which i posted below but the only problem is that im pre

by qui   - 1 decade ago


does ne one do ne thing with there tuna to make it taste better? im not a big fan but ive

by qui   - 1 decade ago

need to lose some weight

hey guys, just started working out and need some help to create a good diet. im 21 years o

by qui   - 1 decade ago

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