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Ive bin trianing for about 6 months and I was talking to a guy at my gym as hes there all

by santanao305   - 9 years ago

need some help on dosages

I just started my cutting cycle on monday. I'm stacking anavar and albuterol. I'm taking

by Storm   - 9 years ago

Questions About My Cycle

basically i am starting a test 200 cyp/ tren enth 200 cycle next week. i am doing 200 m

by mad04007   - 9 years ago

cycle rec.

so i have always been curious to know this. i have taken a few cycles in my time. howeve

by csyflt   - 9 years ago

which cycle is right

im 24 years old ive been lifting for about a year now and i want to gain strictly size im

by canibalistic_js   - 1 decade ago

I have sust and winny, what to do?

Hey I know this is my first post, and let me start off by saying I have done a ****load o

by Storm   - 1 decade ago


Hi all I am fairly new to this site. i was discussing cycles with a friend of mine the oth

by FUZO   - 1 decade ago

here's my cycle

been on test for hrt,but just upped the dose so i am feeling that right away not sure how

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

Its time

whats up fellas... its cycle time!:) currently im 5'10 179 been working on gettin leaner..

by IronSlayer   - 1 decade ago

new member Question

Ive been on Tren acetate for 3 weeks Im thinking of taking test Cy.

by regino007   - 1 decade ago

Deca and andriol cycle

Week Deca Durabolin (mg/week) Andriol (capsules/day) 1 200 - 2 300

by getthepump04   - 1 decade ago


I'm 23, 14% bf, 5'10", 180lbs. I've only taken cycles of Test/Enan at 500mg/week for

by cwshorns   - 1 decade ago

first cycle of Test E advice

new to this board. i'm 44, 5' 10" at 188 and 20% bf. i've been training on and off fo

by fatfornow   - 1 decade ago

first steroid cycle

I'm 185 about 6'2" and with 3yrs training, want do do a cycle but worried about hair

by cwshorns   - 1 decade ago


Hey people summa is comin ova in Australia real soon n im panicking i need some help 4 thi

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago

1st cycle...

I know you get a million of these posts but here's another... I am 26 years old, 5'10, 16

by Otter   - 1 decade ago

1st cycle...

I know you get a million of these posts but here's another... I am 26 years old, 5'10,

by Otter   - 1 decade ago

Just started!

hey guys just started my test cypionate and EQ yesterday and im pretty pumped about it!im

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

need advice on a cycle

Hi im 21 and im thinking about taking my first cycle.... Im 6'3" and i weigh 210

by besjay25   - 1 decade ago

First Winny Run

I need some Advice: I have 60 (45mg) oral win tabs. I have never taken anything like th

by trail_junkie69   - 1 decade ago

trying to lose weight!

can anyone help me ? i am 5 10 250 lbs .i am trying to lose weight and heard about clembut

by trail_junkie69   - 1 decade ago

which test should i run

whats up guys bout two weeks ago i post about a cycle and in the long run it was decided t

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

Questions about my Cycle

I'm in my 5th week of my EQ/Winny cycle n I was wondering if it was too late to throw sum

by cwshorns   - 1 decade ago

Stallion Labs

Whats You Guys Opinion On Buying From Stallion Labs? My Friend Bought A Few Roids From The

by Storm   - 1 decade ago

is that a good stack???

hi guys....i need to know something before i do ths...i think its better to be safe than s

by canibalistic_js   - 1 decade ago

Help! Cypionate Cycle is this will work?

iam trying this cypionate cycle is it ok? (injection)

by flippin it   - 1 decade ago

Week 6 of Test Enanthate

I am 6 1/2 weeks in to a 10 week cylce of test enanthate 250mg shot on mon and on thursday

by flippin it   - 1 decade ago

a good cycle?

hey, sorry to be a newbie but im looking at getting ahold of some of this stuff but there

by mid12siroc   - 1 decade ago

Test Enanthate/Eq 10 Week Cycle

Planning on running this soon: Week 1 Monday: Test Enanthate 500mg / Equipose 500 mg

by A.B   - 1 decade ago


Hey, anyone heard of or had any experience with papers?

by A.B   - 1 decade ago

obtaining the juice

Read the rules.

by musclerat   - 1 decade ago

First cycle question need help?

A little advice from others would be appreciated here. I am on my first cycle and taking 2

by regino007   - 1 decade ago

Need Advice!!

Im new to this and i need some advice.. I took my first cycle of deca and test 250 and now

by estray   - 1 decade ago

2nd cycle

Hey there, this is going to be my 2nd posting.The first posting was about pct, thanks to s

by trail_junkie69   - 1 decade ago

PCT info

This will be my first cycle: Sust. 250mg twice a week of 12 wks. Is this the best first cy

by Dex   - 1 decade ago

military blood work

OK Say i was on test prop for 9 weeks eod and the Doc wants to run blood work to check my

by Doc_Smith   - 1 decade ago

Emergency Diet/Cycle Help

Hey guys and girls! It's been awhile I know!! As some of you know I have been on the injur

by Smallguy   - 1 decade ago

How Many Cycles Per Year?

On average, how many cycles do you think that you do in a year? List your upcoming I ha

by Hunter517   - 1 decade ago

protien cycle

I know that our bodies always need protiend but i was wondering how long should i be takin

by Morgan   - 1 decade ago

good fat loss cycle???

what do you sujest to stack to make good fat loss's? (mostly round the gut)

by 49erMan   - 1 decade ago

First GH run and looking for advice

I have run several cycles over the years but never HGH. Looking to add it to the mix at a

by Aaar0n   - 1 decade ago

new cycle

Hello I want to take a cycle next month. Right now my body fat is @ 11% and im 162pnds. I

by dg806   - 1 decade ago

Have some Fun

So I am starting another cycle right now just curious as to what others are taking. Have f

by estray   - 1 decade ago

my cycle

Ok, so today was the start of my third week and the strength has arrived. worked on chest

by Dex   - 1 decade ago


ive done minimal research on clomid-i really dont kno much though-is it legal to buy or wu

by RHNewfie   - 1 decade ago

please help with new injection schedule

been thinking of next cycle to keep me busy and mind from thinking the worst about my mom.

by Dex   - 1 decade ago

Need some help..

Hey boys, i need some help i been trying to find a good site to buy some needles and syrin

by A.B   - 1 decade ago

EQ only cycle need advice

want to do a eq only cycle for 10-12 weeks. the eq is 250 mg. how much a week and how long

by barnard.82   - 1 decade ago

The GH run.

My goals: To cut for the summer. GEt big and lean. I've been on gh for about 6 weeks

by cwshorns   - 1 decade ago

Natural bodybuilder at his limits

Im 21 weighing in at about 215 and have been training for 7 years now. To be honest my res

by estray   - 1 decade ago

test cypionate questions

I am taking a cycle of test cypionate and am on my 3rd week. If i were to take only half t

by A.B   - 1 decade ago

does any1 have plug on some BIG BOY!

Not sure what the hell that was but it looked like you were asking for gear so knock it of

by canibalistic_js   - 1 decade ago

Test/Deca ? bout dosages

I've been through several cycles mostly test/deca or test/winstrol. With previous cycles I

by AMERFOOTBALL   - 1 decade ago

upcoming cycle

have only one under my belt. here is how im gonig to do my next run 400mg test week 1-1

by RockPump   - 1 decade ago

pct question

i've been reading through the forums and seeing a lot of different suggestions when it com

by bigbody385   - 1 decade ago


Hi, im from swe and i hope u all understand what im typing. Me and my friend is going o

by Patronen   - 1 decade ago


has anyone used andropen275...?i havent really looked into this product and was wondering

by bigbody385   - 1 decade ago

Does Anyone Taper Anymore?

Two years ago when you read about people cycles it was always along the lines of 250 2

by Smallguy   - 1 decade ago

Are People On?

I thought that I would have seen more posts about individuals cycles. It seems like nobody

by RHNewfie   - 1 decade ago

Dieting with Prop

I was thinking of doing a bit of an extended diet cycle of prop at the beginning of the su

by RHNewfie   - 1 decade ago

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