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dbol and winni v

how long do they stay in your system for after you stop taking them?

by regino007   - 9 years ago

How Long To Cycle Off?

Hey guys.. just recently got done with a 15 week test e cycle, came off with nolvadex, eve

by Dex2   - 9 years ago

hgh jintropin

i am a female new to this and have received different advice on how much i should take and

by Storm   - 9 years ago

Deca & equipoise

I am trying to get advise on a cycle. I just started my deca. A friend has mentioned to

by Morgan   - 9 years ago


I haven't started it yet but when I do. What kind of gains should I expect to see if I ta

by Morgan   - 9 years ago

Short Prop Question.

Hey Everyone So il get to the point , latly Iv started a prop cycle of 1.25ml of prop e

by Morgan   - 9 years ago

my boss asked if i was on steroids

he wasnt accussing or anything,justy asked in a conversation.i said of course not,but than

by cody4299   - 9 years ago

cytex test

any 1 here ever taken cytex test........125 mg cyp, 75 mg prop, 50 mg benzyl test wadda

by cody4299   - 9 years ago

help with dbol

iam in need of some advice, I just got my dbol in today and will start it next week. every

by art   - 9 years ago

Want to do it: Need Advice!

Hey guys, sorry if i'm posting in the wrong section or anything. I've basically got a few

by manny_ak   - 9 years ago

I need REAL feedback about M1T!!

Hey whats up everybody! I'm new here on this site and I think I might actually enjoy this

by 1Bad65   - 9 years ago

Best source return

Best source return douche bag

by bignready   - 9 years ago

first cycle... need info

i have been doing a lot of research lately and i think im ready to start myfirst cycle.. b

by bignready   - 9 years ago

Thinking of doing it

I am 18 weigh 70kg (empty stomach) and im 181cm tall. Been goin to the gym for over a y

by cosmic-dust   - 9 years ago

gearboxinc selling customer list

that twit who owns gearboxinc and finafarm is selling his customer guess on who w

by regino007   - 9 years ago

# of injections for cycle

I'm about to start a Deca/Test E cycle. It won't all fit in my 3cc syringe at once if I d

by bignready   - 9 years ago

need help

I've been working out on and off for years now, now iam ready to hit the gym hard. I been

by Big A   - 9 years ago

Fl 20

these pills have FL 20 on them theyre teal and purple about 16mm long. are these steroids?

by Dex2   - 9 years ago


Just purchased Somaporm 20mg and am wondering if it is muscular or fat injection? Being to

by Sniper   - 9 years ago

thanks congress

:fu: just found out my idiot cousin in law started a cycle of dbols last week.i have been

by bignready   - 9 years ago


hey whats everyones opinion on the tri tren blend? waste of money or good stuff? would the

by IronSlayer   - 9 years ago

Cycle plans

Been trying to figure out what to do for my next cycle... Let me know what you think about

by p9d6   - 9 years ago


hey guys in the middle of my third week of test prop and just one of my nipples is gettin

by estray   - 9 years ago

do u need alcho pad?

ive ran out of pads to wipe the area im goin to inject and i cant get hold of them till af

by bigger_better   - 9 years ago


hi would like 2 ask u a question to any1 who knows is in the know, iv been workin out at t

by FUZO   - 9 years ago

axio labs

anyone ever heard of or used anything from them?? any feedback would be great!thanks

by FUZO   - 9 years ago

Best Jintropin Supplier

My cornhole is yellow

by Storm   - 9 years ago

Gear and post-op recovery

here's the deal. im having my acl, mcl, and lcl replaced 01-11-08. I was considering a cyc

by FUZO   - 9 years ago


started a prop only cycle yesterday and damn does my ass hurt today!!!! i know everyone va

by Dex2   - 9 years ago

GH exp. Question

I have GH that has been sitting in the fridge for a while on cold packs. the expiration da

by Storm   - 9 years ago

How much should a true cycle cost??

just out of curiosity, I have been quoted many times for different juices, and im curious

by csyflt   - 9 years ago


advice on how to take 10 mg blue hearts

by Storm   - 9 years ago

cycle questions

getting a 12 week cycle of deca and a 30 ml bottle of winny, would like the winny to out l

by LukeVTS   - 9 years ago

question on my cycle

i just ended my dbol wife and i are going out sat with a couple we just

by Trance92071   - 9 years ago


Hey all. Sorry for the post earlier about the question on this gear. I have been in the ga

by mc2   - 9 years ago

aries research labs

Has anyone used this in the past and is it still around?

by mc2   - 9 years ago

missed injection

i inject twice a week, saturday and tuesday, but ive missed my saturday shot, so im going

by estray   - 9 years ago

neED ADvice And Help plezz

yoo whats up im from nj wut eva etc....... dont matta i need 2 get my hands on some clenn.

by John H   - 9 years ago


Has Anyone used or heard of Proquest Labs. It came in a black box with a purple label havi

by jcvaughn26   - 9 years ago

Want to start...need advice

Gents, I'm 27, 6'-1", 210 lbs. and I max on the bench at about 320. I am looking to

by Nobodysbusiness   - 9 years ago

Eq Half life

Eq has a half life of 16.5 days correct??

by LukeVTS   - 9 years ago

trenbolone acetate

curious about this... any info will be greatly appreciated!

by LukeVTS   - 9 years ago

first shot of test prop

took my first shot of nv test prop last night.1.5cc in my pain until this morning.

by CTBB   - 9 years ago

Need some advice gents, body has taken a severe beating

Ok so I'm 206 pounds, 6 foot and 27 years old...I have used gear in the past and am no new

by canibalistic_js   - 9 years ago

Steriod Cleanse?

Does anybody know of any type of steriod cleasing?

by son_of_jorel135   - 9 years ago

"help...order Issues"

your an idiot... from AB...

by odawg   - 9 years ago



by odawg   - 9 years ago

Clen and heart issues

Been reading about clen and read that some people have heart issues with it. How common is

by canibalistic_js   - 9 years ago

New to this forum need advice

Hi everybody i about to start a cycle of Havoc my 1st cycle of any prohormone/steriod and

by LukeVTS   - 9 years ago

Just getting started need some help

Im 18 and playing baseball in college. Im 5'8 140 pounds you can see that might be a probl

by getthepump40   - 9 years ago

insulin and diabetic and muscle growth

i am not a body builder just want to get in better shape i am a diabetic i am on 2 types

by neo   - 9 years ago

Deca Omnadren stack?

Hey just wondering if anyone knows if a Deca Omnadren stack would be good. I know that Om

by CTBB   - 9 years ago

just added a 3 rd insulin

i am taking lantus nonpeaking 24 hour basal rate insulin 30 units at night also apidra a

by neo   - 9 years ago

Dbol & Stanibol

Hey, I really need some help. I've been taking Dbol for 5 days now (20 mg/day). This is

by LukeVTS   - 9 years ago

low weight/ high rep workouts while on gear?

hey i was wondering if any could answer my question. is it benificial to do low weight hig

by LukeVTS   - 9 years ago

Insulin Info

First let me preface by saying that insulin IS NOT for newbies.... gain weight with AAS fi

by neo   - 9 years ago

test and tren. good first cycle?

hey i was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if test and tren would be a good fi

by canibalistic_js   - 9 years ago

best steroids site

spam ban him

by regino007   - 9 years ago

Tren PCT

Hey guys I was just wondering what's the preferred PCT for Tren. I've used the drug numero

by LukeVTS   - 9 years ago

I just read an indictment handed down to these guys for selling conversion kits and what n

by Trance92071   - 9 years ago

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